Jan 9, 2010

Dear 16-Year-Old Tracy

This post is inspired by Wendy over at Red Boots. You can find other "Dear 16 Year Old Me" posts on her blog.

Dear 16 - Year - Old Tracy,

Someday you will be 50. I know it's hard to believe, but it will happen (if you're lucky).

Right now that seems very, very far off and very, very old and like something that happens to other, older folks. When you get there it will not seem so old. Everyone around you who grew old with you will look older, maybe even act older, than you do. You will feel like the same person you are now. You will even see yourself as a 16 year old - not a 50 year old. Your parents will look older. Your brothers and sisters will look older. Your friends will have aged, but unless you look in the mirror you will always look the same when you close your eyes and see yourself.

Time does pass. And someday you will understand that it passes rather quickly. One day, everything you put off for "later" will suddenly seem urgent. Tomorrow will be yesterday. Yesterday will be a distant memory. Cherish each moment. Live each day fully. Love everyone you choose to love with every ounce of your heart. And on your 50th birthday don't say to yourself "What have I done?" Ask yourself "What do I still have left to do?"

Then do it. Because someday you will be 60 (if you're lucky).

7 Passengers in the Car:

Tom Bailey said...

The end of this has such great wisdom in your words. The way you stated this is clear and meaningful to me. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

Cathi said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday, baby! Did you send this to Wendy at Red Boots? You should! Can't wait to see you next weekend! xxoo

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful post to celebrate your special day. I love the photo! Have a happy, happy, happy on your special, special day! Love you, Cuz!

Tobe said...

I remember that picture.

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday Tracy. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!

Red Boots said...

That is the cutest photo!!

I've posted a link to your letter on my blog! I love it - such a good lesson about the passing of time and making the most of life.

Even though I'm 28, I still feel like I'm 16. And I like that. I keep worrying that one day I'm going to wake up and feel my age, but it's good to hear that that feeling never goes away!


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on this off of Google, and being 16 it is truly enlightening to hear this.

Great blog!