Jan 31, 2010

The Great Kegerator Search

This is a red letter day of sorts at our house as The Great Kegerator Search has come to an end. I'm filled with a mixture of emotions running the gamut from ecstatic to melancholy for the most extremely opposite of reasons.

This quest has been a centerpiece of our lives since we moved into the house almost a year ago and was characterized by lively debates regarding the definitions of words like "stylish", "gaudy" and "inexpensive". I believe the word "diabetic" may have even come up a time or two.

Next time you are in the neighborhood stop by for a tall cold one. The short one with the cold shoulder will be me. :-)

5 Passengers in the Car:

Nancy said...

I'm glad the search has come to an end. Looking forward to seeing it on the 14th!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't even need to bring my bottle opener, although it never leaves my side, anyway.

MOSS-E :-)

Simply Colette said...

I love your wit. :) Hope you had a good weekend. xoxo

Cathi said...

I can't wait to see the short one with cold shoulder (yet very warm heart...:)

When are the boys (and I do mean boys...haha) getting together again? :) xxoo

Red Boots said...

I feel a little silly saying this - but what is a 'kegerator'? I am behind with the times.