Jan 26, 2010

Land’s End Is A Terrorist Organization

I know this because I found a threatening message from them when I opened up my inbox this morning:

2010 Swim Collection: the first wave + Free Shipping

Which reminded me of a vow I made last summer to fit into a smaller swimsuit this year.

They’re now on my official Watch List.

4 Passengers in the Car:

Red Boots said...

This made me laugh so much Tracy!!

Cathi said...

I'm with you on this one! xxoo

Nancy said...

Too funny! Wait, no, it's not funny...curse those vows we make to ourselves.

Kathy said...

Criminy, I had the same ad! I think they finally, though, later today, went from threatening to make me buy a swimsuit I know I will never fit into to offering to sell me one that MAKES ME LOOK ONE SIZE SMALLER! I'm sure one they realized the error of their ways, sending those threatening terrorist ads so soon after the Holidays and in the midst of the ugly winter months where you feel about as attractive as a horsefly, anyway, they pulled them and started over! Good save, Trace! Glad you were watching over us!