Feb 27, 2010

The Elusive Gila Woodpecker

I first started hearing him in December, shortly after sunrise. He Mine Mine Mine!would visit briefly again around 4 PM. Once I saw him staring down the feisty hummingbird I had named Sluggo at the hummingbird feeder. Sluggo won that showdown as he does every duel. Other hummingbirds, bees, even woodpeckers were no match for him.

Goldfinches I decided to put food out just for him, but it was still the sweet hummingbird nectar that he craved. I eventually attracted House Finches and a few Goldfinches. I would hear his call frequently, then watch him fly away just as I grabbed my camera. Time and again we replayed the scene. Over and over and over.

House Finches
   Sunday morning my husband saw him eating from the new
hummingbird feeder I had put out the day before. And sure enough, just as I reached the patio door with my camera he took off. Someone told me that maybe he was my spirit guide and paid me daily visits.

To tell me what? "Ha Ha, you can't catch me"? Or just maybe that chasing dreams is more rewarding than  living them.

2 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

nice. cool that he comes to visit...maybe he just wants you to keep coming back for more...or dont get so caught up trying to capture the moment, that you miss the moment. smiles.

Nancy said...

Nicely said, Brian. It's like Enchanted Oak's previous post..is success the end or the journey?

But, Tracy, I see you got him! Great shot. You know, soon the wildflowers will be out. We need to go on safari. :)