Feb 3, 2010

She’s Yesterday’s News

worms The gal that used to do the local evening news is on the early morning show now. She's a pretty woman who replaced the state beauty queen behind the anchor desk about 10 years ago when she was told to spend more time on the ranch after bringing her saddle bags into work.

I'm calling this a demotion, and I feel I speak with some authority here having recently accepted a job with a 4:30 AM wake up. My friends laughed when I first told them my new job required such early hours. It's been said that they will flip a coin and the winner becomes the sorry loser who has to speak to me first in the morning.  Trust me. If you think they had a hard time believing it you can only imagine how difficult it's been for me to accept.

So, I started thinking about this gal and wondered, sadly for her, what if she was not a morning person either? How awful for her to have to feign cheerfulness and smile and talk so much before the sun comes up. Other than the skinny waistline, golden complexion and beautiful hair we would seem  to have a lot in common. She must be going through absolute hell.

3 Passengers in the Car:

Kathy said...

Amazing how life changes of our own make us more aware that other people are going through them, too, huh? I have had to totally perfect my tip-toe skills to travel with you. If that chick has any of the same characteristics in the morning as you do, the whole crew is probably wearing full body armor! Luckily your people still love you, even though you are stabbing them with daggers. xxoo GOOD MORNING!

Nancy said...

I can't imagine you as ever being anything but the ray of sunshine I know and love. Maybe one morning I'll play fast and loose with my life and drop in to visit you around 4:20...right before the alarm goes off. Wait a minute, I'm scaring myself. :)

Cathi said...

You're not so scary in the morning....haha.....although 4:30 am is pretty early for me and I am a morning person! Funny post! :) xxoo