Mar 14, 2010

Superhero Me

I am invisible.

I know this because I walked into the eye's doctor's office the other day and waited at the front desk for the receptionist to appear and greet me. After a couple of minutes two, then three, of the staff walked right past me without saying a word. A minute later they walked right past me again, too involved with the Great Battery Hunt to acknowledge my presence.

A few minutes later (or maybe just two - waiting seems like forever) I stood there still, growing a little more impatient, and someone came in through the door behind me. "We'll be with you in a minute," I heard a voice yell from the back.

(More gabbing from around the corner.) Finally a woman came out and looked at the lady standing behind me and said "May I help you with something?" I felt my ears get warm, and then I blurted out the most immature phrase I could, "Hey, I was here first."

Sweet smile apologized and took my glasses while I waited. And waited. The lady who had come in behind me finally took a seat. But, good Lord, you should have heard the screams of delight when the FedEx man walked in with a special Saturday delivery! Four women in tacky looking smocks swarmed him like a bunch of bees on a honey hive.

Someone has been trying to sabotage my Happiness Project. Why are they harshing my marshmallow?

6 Passengers in the Car:

Tina said...

I experience that all the time! Why do I keep wearing my invisibility cloak when I go out?! It's just people.

Kathy said...

I have a certain glare. Someone will start to take the prettier, taller, richer-looking woman's order over me, and the words freeze in their mouths because they feel the glare and their eyes are drawn to mine. They actually notice I'm there and shift gears. I'll try to teach it to you. And keep the happiness project going! I am having so much fun being happy!

Brian Miller said...

obviously its the truck...everyone loves the truck, right? smiles. dont you wish your superpower was heat vision in those moments?

Bossy Betty said...

Just wait until you get the superhero gift of flight! You'll show them!

Cathi said...

You waited 2-3 minutes longer than I would to announce your presence...!!

Alex and our Fed Ex man have a friendly feud regarding football teams, so they banter back and forth while he is there...ha! (when the Fed Ex man lost their bet one week and he was avoiding Alex, I saw him down the street and told him "someone was looking for him") haha...have a good weekend!! xxoo :)

Nancy said...

Customer service sucks these days! There's no two ways about it.
I would have been curious to see if the second lady would have acknowledged that you were there first.