Feb 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

This is a post about nothing.

I know this is true because I did this once. In a very un-Capricorn-like way I packed up and moved and started  a new life and a new career. For the next couple of years I could have told you that I wished something had stopped me, but then again I wouldn't be where I am right now which is a pretty good place, I think.

It was the other thing that happened that was the most amazing - the Universe gave me a second chance, and I took it. 

So, I think maybe the Universe and I have been partners all along.

5 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

t a bad person to have in your corner. smiles. second chnaces are amazing gifts...

Kathy said...

True words. I have stayed physically in the same place, but mentally I took control of myself and reconnected with the Universe. It's very nice. I like it. I totally recommend it!


Enchanted Oak said...

Yep. We started over too, and wondered why for a couple of years. I guess it takes that long to put down new roots. I'm glad you're in a good place.
I love your writing about the rain in the desert, posted a few days ago, especially how it heaves violently into dry rivers. I lived in the Mojave desert for six years, and that's exactly how it seems to be. Have a blessed day.

Nancy said...

Amen! to second chances. The Universe really is a loving, caring place to be.
See, Tracy, you're doing wonderfully...these are powerful accolades from some very respected poets!

Cathi said...

It's all about the journey, baby! I love you! xxoo :)