Apr 27, 2010

Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous

Are we done yet?

Being a celebrity wasn’t easy. 

Early morning photo shoots that lasted so long it made your dogs bark. 
The lengthy delays every time they had to change the set.
Sit and stay.
Sit and stay.
Being hounded by the paparazzi everywhere you went in hopes
they might catch you chasing a motorcycle or
getting it on with the poodle next door.

It didn’t help that they had the stage mother from hell.
She was a real b***h.

(30 Days of Music, Day 16: "New York, New York" by Ryan Adams)

7 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

haha. but they are so cute...

Magpie said...

Very funny, Girl! You have a real talent with words...keep it up.

Cathi said...

Those puppies are so cute!!! xxoo :)

Bossy Betty said...

OOOOOOO...can't take my eyes of those beautiful puppy faces!!

Kathy said...

I love the bored one on the right who is so used to the "glamor" of it all that he's just lost in thought.

Jingle said...


Kathy said...

Ya think these might just be the puppies of that bulldog we saw on Sunday?