Apr 2, 2010

Psst....The Easter Bunny Is Coming

Been a bit of a strange week. I found out on Wednesday that my job with the hours from Hell will only last another month, and it's affecting me a little differently than I thought it would. I tend to personalize things even when I know I shouldn't, and this is no exception.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, everybody! Thanks for your visits and comments this week.

7 Passengers in the Car:

Kathy said...

What an adorable rabbit! Happy Easter. Hug a bunny! Change is a funny thing: You hate the thought of it, then when it happens it's usually good. xxoo

Brian Miller said...

sorry to hear about the job...so whats next?

cute bunny...hope he brings me chocolate and peanut butter...oh wait...carrots...need not be tempted....

Kathy said...

Sweet bunny. I'm not sure what to say about your job: I'm sorry or congratulations ??? Good luck and I'll send good thoughts your way.

Nancy said...

Such a precious little bunny! Too cute.

The job - well you're right - don't take it personally. Easy advice...hard to take.
I know you. You have trouble looking for the silver lining because then you'll feel guilty about feeling good. Stop that!

Happy Easter Weekend - hope to see you sometime this weekend. XXXOOOO

Tracy said...

Thanks, everybody. Whatever happens happens and will happen for the best. It always does.

OMG, Brianm you like chocolate and peanut butter, too? Too bad we're both married. LOL.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Jingle said...

have fun,
love your cute little bunny.

Cathi said...

Hey I love chocolate and peanut butter too...yum!

Don't take it personally...Look at it as a new adventure! I love you, lots! Happy Easter! xxoo :)