May 4, 2010

Cat Burglars

Boots always promised that every job would be the last one. All Sadie wanted was to settle down and have a litter of her own. She had already wasted four or five lives avoiding various catastrophes while they worked. The problem was that she could never say "No", and hated it when Boots taunted her and called her a scared y cat; had gotten used to the best fish in the koi pond, and enjoyed watching the family dog go berserk as they walked the fence staking out the next score. Deep inside she knew that she loved the thrill of it all. 

Besides, she could never go back to her former life as a model.
How embarrassing .

And she needed to pay for her catnip addiction. 
That was Boots' fault, too.

(30 Days of Music, Day 23: "Ooh La" by The Kooks)

4 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

haha. the first pic and your story are

Magpie said...


Cathi said...

Love the story and pictures..!! Have a great day! xxoo :)

Relyn said...

You are cracking me up! Making me laugh so much. Thanks for that.