Nov 18, 2010

I'm Still Here

I'm just posting over THERE. If you used to follow me through Google Followers, you still can. Here are the four ways you can still follow:
  1. If you host a blog on Blogger and were previously a follower of Life Is A Road Trip on Blogger, you can navigate to your Dashboard, scroll down to your Reading List, click ADD, make sure you have selected ADD FROM URL and enter in the box
  2. Enter in the address bar of your browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar on the right, click on RSS-Posts and add the feed to the reader of your choice. I have been using Google Reader for awhile now to follow my favorite blogs. It's a great way make sure you don't miss any updates.
  3. If you don't use a reader, there is an option below the RSS-Posts section to have update notifications emailed to you.
  4. Follow me on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter button at the bottom of the sidebar.

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