Feb 6, 2010

Everything’s Amazing. Nobody’s Happy.

This video was shared with me by a Facebook friend a few months ago. I still watch it every now and then and laugh at just how true it is.

My husband loves to tell the story of when he was a kid and his Father said to him once that everything that could ever be invented already had been.

Which got me thinking the other day. I remember when we bought our very first microwave, and the first VHS player and how neat it was that you could rent movies and watch them at home – without commercials. (Remember “Be Kind, Rewind”?) Now I have a device that can store over 5,000 songs and another one that can hold over 1,000 books and wonder sometimes just how much more advanced we can get and what do I still have yet to see in my lifetime.

But then, on the other hand, I remember watching the Jetsons as a kid and wasn’t that supposed to be our future? So things have either not advanced as much as we thought or maybe they’ve just gone in a different direction. As good as we’ve got it, I’m still waiting for Rosie the Robot to come and do my laundry.

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Cathi said...

Yeah, where the heck is Rosie! I've been waiting for her all my life...haha....That was my fave cartoon when I was a kid!:) Have a happy weekend, I wonder what you are doing this weekend...haha....!! xxoo