Feb 16, 2010

I Need Something To Do

 Anyone got any ideas?

I'm not sure how I came across the Slow Readers Book Club. I think I started link hopping one day at one of my favorite blogs, Simply Colette. From that I learned about The Slow Movement. See, I'm really intrigued by this because shortly after I started blogging I landed a job after being out of work for a year. Not just any job but a fifty hour a week job (I complain about it even though I feel guilty doing it), and it's been a real challenge to maintain two blogs since then. Sometimes it's painfully obvious how challenging it's been to anyone who reads them. Thank God I have a good partner, Nancy, over at West Valley Daily Photo.

I'm not sure if I can "slow down", but it seems like a lovely idea and the Slow Readers Book Club's first choice, Half Broke Horses, looks good. At the very least, I think I'll get a list of good reads out of it.

Now, I better start reading that book. Fast.

1 Passengers in the Car:

Nancy said...

Oh, isn't life full of conundrums?
Work - no work, money - no money, time - no time...

I'm with you on this. Let's do it. It's on my Ladle List, you know. :)