Feb 14, 2010

It's A Red Letter Day!

And not just because it's Valentine's Day.

Happy Birthday to my Mom who is 85 years young today!

Mom, here are some of the things I made a mental note to remember:

How did you see me, when I was less than five, putting a cigarette butt in my mouth all the way across the yard over by the trash barrel? (It tasted awful and I spit it out, but I still got in trouble!)

Eating pizza at Bobo's on Friday night and you trying to get the string of cheese off your chin and laughing.

Every Easter dress you sacrificed so I could have a new one.

Me singing "really love your peaches want to shake your tree" to you and you laughing and telling me to stop.

The Charlie Brown sign you made for me when I was running for 5th grade class president. ("I'm voting for Tracy because she'll work for Peanuts".)

The fake fireplace we made out of cardboard together and put out every Christmas.

Taking me (and my friends) to basketball practice at 6 AM.

The sign you made from paper towels and hung in my bedroom door after our basketball team won the sectional (We Won!) (I still have it.)

The way you always laughed at my bad jokes.

The way you held me when I cried.

The way you let me go when I got married.

I love you SO Much!

Happy Birthday to the best Mom. EVER.

3 Passengers in the Car:

Nancy said...

Oh, Tracy, I'm so happy for both of you - you have such an obviously loving relationship built on guidance, acceptance and support. Happy Birthday Tracy's Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Tracy's Mom!!

From Nancy R. aka Moss-e

Cathi said...

Happy Belated Birthdy, Tracy's mom!! Beautiful post, Tracy...xxoo