Apr 12, 2010

Ice Breaker

He was from Tennessee. 
She was the belle of the ball from some high falutin' upper-crust society in the Northeast.
How they had ended up together, he hadn't a clue.
They were polar opposites, but he found her smile irresistible.
Waddling up beside her, he gazed into her eyes and said,
"Why did the penguin cross the sea?"
She looked at him with a distrusting squint, wondering what kind of pick up line 
he was about to cast her way and replied, 
"I don't  know. Why did the penguin cross the sea?"
"To get to the other tide."
She'd heard it before, but it made her giggle anyway.

(30 Days of music, Day 2: The Best Cover on the Internet)

4 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

cute. love the pic as well...the smile on her face is priceless...

Nancy said...

Your droll opening lines crack me up!! See you later today!

Bossy Betty said...


Cathi said...

Love the photo and the story! And of course, I love you very much! xxoo :)