Apr 11, 2010

Tag…I'm It

It looks like  I’ve been tagged by my cousin, Nancy. I don’t usually play these games, but the 30 days of music gives me a chance to share some of my favorite music for the next month. (Lucky you!)

I’ll answer the questions and if you are reading this then consider yourself tagged. (Too late to back out now!)

1. Are you where you want to be?
Right now? No. Right now I would like to be on some tropical island sipping an umbrella drink and asking the cabana boy to bring me a nice…wet….. Huh? Oh, in my life? I don’t worry about if this is where I want to be. It’s where I AM. Because it’s where I am it’s the best place in the world. That doesn’t mean I may not choose to go somewhere else, but no one is going to take me there but myself.

2. What book are you reading right now?
“One Night in Boston” by Allie Boniface. It was a free Kindle download and sounded interesting. I am waiting for “Beatrice and Virgil” to come this week. If you read “Life of Pi” then you know what a great author Yann Martel is.

3. How do you relax and renew yourself?
Going out for a hike with my camera. Sitting outside listening to the birds sing and feeling the cool breeze. Listening to the rain.

4. How do you want people to remember you?
With a smile.

5. Do you believe in ghosts – yes or no – but explain?
Yes. I remember when I was a little girl and I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I saw my Mom standing in my bedroom doorway. I remember calling her and then she disappeared. I got up to find her and my Mom found me wandering around the house, calling her name. I’m sure that Mom just thought I was sleep walking. A few years later, when I was a “tweenie” I was going through an old box of photos and found one of my Mom that I pinned on the bulletin board in my room. She saw it one day and asked me where I got it. Then she told me that was a picture of HER Mom, my Grandma that I had never met. I’m still convinced to this day I saw my Grandma that night in the doorway.

Today’s music is the from best band you’ve never heard, The Damnwells, and “I Am A Leaver”.

2 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

what a cool tale about your grandma...hiking is key for me as well...nice, really enjoyed Life of Pi...cool song...happy sunday!

Nancy said...

Great job, Tracy!! Thanks so much for playing. Can't wait to see all the music you love.