Apr 20, 2010

They Say

They say that time heals everything.

Broken bones, broken hearts, broken souls and broken minds.
Perhaps that's so.

How ironic that time is
not something you can
save, grow, move, hurry up


Take it
one day
at a
they say

It's nighttime now.
My bed caresses me and only me.
The darkness comes crashing around me
Full of noises and voices I don't recognize.
Not quiet like it should be.

Or maybe light just fades...

What is the difference between a dying dream and a living nightmare?

(30 Days of music, Day 9: "Forever Lost" by The Magic Numbers)

3 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

at least in a dying dream you go with a smile on your face? smiles.

interesting verse, i like the flow...

Magpie said...

Very nice, but a little sad.

Jingle said...

vivid and daring poem,
gifted writing!