Jun 3, 2010

Little Moment Of Win

Yesterday my Mom walked up and down the steps by herself. She didn't realize the therapist wasn't helping her, and when she did then she finally believed she can do this.

Just another great memory that took place in my little town.

7 Passengers in the Car:

Relyn said...

Yea!! Now, that's reason to celebrate.

Magpie said...

That's awesome, Tracy!!
Go Mom! Defense, defense!!
Wait, that's not quite right.

Cathi said...

Yeah Mom! xxoo :)

Brian Miller said...

woohoo! way to go mom!
doing the happy dance for her right now...smiles.

Kathy said...

Glad to hear of your mom's progress.

Now, for the real question. Did you paint on the water tower when you were a teenager?

Jingle said...

way to go!
u rock!

Jingle said...


June awards 4 u,

I am your follower.