Jun 15, 2010

My Hometown - Dairy Queen

As long as I can remember there was a Dairy Queen in town. It used to be a much smaller building and only opened during the summer, but there was an ice cream "wagon" (think three wheeled motor scooter with a freezer on back) that my dad called the "Dilly Wagon".

We had a rat terrier named "Tuffy" that used to sit up and beg every time he'd hear the Dilly Wagon ringing its bell as it approached (I know because we have a home movie of this), and my Dad would usually buy Tuffy a Dilly Bar (before we knew dogs weren't supposed to eat chocolate). I think I was partial to the Mr. Misty or the Push-Up. Just so you know, chocolate didn't kill the dog - the neighbor did when she ran over him backing out of the driveway.

Eventually the Dairy Queen became Dairy Queen Brazier and began serving hamburgers and fries and built this "big" beautiful building where Tammy Wynette's tour bus stopped and someone took a picture of her holding an ice cream cone and hung it on the wall.

(Disclaimer: The picture of Tammy is GONE! Kept as a souvenir by the old owners, I suspect.)

6 Passengers in the Car:

Magpie said...

You may be too young to remember when it was smaller and downtown they would have flavors of the week. We always went when Black Walnut was the flavor. Mmmm good!

Brian Miller said...

i totaly missed out on the dilly delivery guy...we lived in the sticks...no one ever delivered...even dominos...but i did eat at a dairy queen on saturday!

Kathy said...

Our Dairy Queen back in the 1950s was the place to meet and hang out after football games!

There actually is still a Dairy Queen a little over a mile from my house on Central Ave. north of Camelback!

Cathi said...

We had a DQ also...yum! xxoo :)

Felicitas said...

The Dairy Queen was a big draw for my family too - and it looked almost like the one in your picture.

I can't remember what we used to call the Dilly Wagon, but we definitely had one. My favourite treat was always the orange Creamsicle.

Bossy Betty said...

No Dairy Queen in my town. We had to go to the "city" to get the goods!