Jun 17, 2010

My Hometown - Grub Stinks

I honestly don't remember what this was called when I was growing up, but it wasn't Fairfield Produce. (Obviously, I have no home movies of it.) It was a feed store, and by that I mean dog food, cat food, hog feed, chicken feed and God knows what else.

We had to walk past it to get to the Library, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't air conditioned in the summer so, let me tell you, the smell wasn't pretty. Which is why I always crossed and walked on the other side of the street. As if that mattered.

I vaguely remember Purina being a prominent word on signs and products, many of which were stacked outside.

(Disclaimer: It doesn't smell bad at all today. We even walked inside just to make sure.)

1 Passengers in the Car:

Magpie said...

Glad the smell has improved. Did they have any good produce buys?