Sep 25, 2010

How High The Moon?

Now, you know I am not one to complain about cloudy days. Phoenix boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, but wouldn’t you know that the evening of the Super Harvest Moon the winds blew in a(nother) rainless storm that filled the sky with clouds.

Not to be cheated out of a chance at a moon shot, Magpie and my cousin, Kathy, who is visiting from Indiana, trudged up the Star Tower the next day in order to play with our cameras and attempt to capture the moon. This was the scene of the crime where Magpie and I had tried to photograph the full moon over the surrounding mountains on 3 or 4 occasions before. Alas, of the 65 days when the sun does NOT shine, Magpie and I had managed to come up here on one of them every time.

Peek A Boo Magpie was the first one to see it.

Are we there yet?
We started clicking and watched it climb. Higher and higher.
Until it was just another moon.

HELLO, Planet Earth!
Nah. It’s never “just another moon”.

I hope your weekend is not “just another weekend” and is filled with all kinds of beautiful!

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*Simply Colette* said...

I LOVE those! Sounds special... and I also love the Venice pics :) Have a good weekend!

Brian Miller said...

you are right..its never just another moon..beautiful shots...

Kathy said...

I'm so envious! These are super shots. I don't know I managed to do it but I missed the whole moon thing. Glad you captured it for me!

Anonymous said...


Magpie said...

Tracy, these came out perfect! I'll try and get my posted too. :)

Krista said...

Oh, I love the moon! Photos like this make me want to HOOOOWWWWL! ;o)