Mar 6, 2010

Mothers & Sisters

Last night my husband's family arrived. We spent the evening catching up, eating pizza and looking at old photos.

I love looking at pictures of my husband and his family before I was a part of it. I like to think I brought some class to it. (Okay, maybe not.)

"Look how skinny I was!"

"What happened to my boobs?"

When a picture of someone's first husband found its way in front of the stack: "Oh my GOD!" 

{CENSORED} "What kind of nut was HE cracking?"

This is gonna be a good week.

4 Passengers in the Car:

Kathy said...

Hello to Bill's family! Sounds like you all are having an awesome time! Enjoy each other!

Keep track of some of those quotes, Trace. All of a sudden yesterday something my mom used to say popped into my head and I laughed for five minutes! Priceless!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. sounds like you are having fun...

Cathi said...

Don't you just love family? We did that last weekend when we went to visit my dad's brothers and sisters....stories galore! :) Have fun! xxoo :)

Nancy said...

Oh, I wanna get in on some of this!! Me too. Me too....please. Can I huh???