Mar 31, 2010


I take my coffee black
And drink my whiskey neat
I'd rather walk 'round barefoot
Than put shoes on my feet

I've no use for diamonds
Or cultured fancy pearls
I'll leave expensive jewelry
To all the other girls

Just give me dirt and flowers
Some ground in which to plant
I'll clean my dirty hands
When I take my bubble bath

A walk beside the ocean
A simple book or two
Your hand inside my hand
Is all I need from you

6 Passengers in the Car:

Brian Miller said...

that has to be about th most wonderful thing i have read in days...i can agree on just about all of it...the walk to the ocean would take a couple days...smiles.

Cousin Kathy said...

Awesome, sweet poetry! xxoo!!

Cathi said...

Love it!! :) xxoo

Nancy said...

Very nice, Tracy. You are such a closet poet. You say you can't do it, but you do it wonderfully!
Now, think yellow... :)

(sorry if this posts twice)

Jingle said...

romantic walk!

Jingle said...

I honor you a beautiful blogger award,
thank you for the excellence in art!